Chitrangada – The Warrior Princess by Moksha
Chitrangada – The Warrior Princess by Moksha

Chitrangada, inspired by the epic Mahabharata, is the story of an independent-spirited princess. Skilled in archery and horsemanship she meets prince Arjuna and falls in love. She is rejected for the lack of her feminine charm and beauty. Enraged Chitrangada turns to Cupid and is bestowed with all the feminine graces she needs to win over Arjuna. She is deeply disturbed by her borrowed beauty. In time Arjuna realises that the true essence of a woman lies beyond her external beauty

Though she loves Arjuna she does not hesitate to assert her rights to be his equal and accept her for who she is. She declares, “I am Chitrangada, neither a goddess nor an ordinary woman. If you let me by your side at the darkest hour, let me be your friend, let me share your joys and sorrows only then shall you know me.”

This novel approach to a Tagore dance drama uses shadow, martial arts to tell the story of a classic Bengali piece using a contemporary setting.

Moksha is a UK performing arts organisation, set up in 2006 to enhance the practice, understanding and appreciation of Indian music, culture and heritage. It aims to inspire audiences and change lives by nurturing excellence in Tagore music, dance, teachings and philosophy.

Writer: Rabindranath Tagore
Direction: Rishi Banerjee
Lighting: Stuart Walton
Music: Pramita Mallick, Rishi Banerjee, Baikali Kolkata
Choreography: Sujata Banerjee
Music arrangement: Subrata Mukherjee
Dancers: Jaina Modasia, Suchismita Ganguly, Mithun Gill, Sriparna Banerjee, Divya Srivastava, Shivani Sethia, Saloni Saraf, Isha Mehta, Monica Majumdar
Actors: Subhaluxmi Mukherjee and Nayanika Kochar
Date: 24th and 25th Novemebr
Time: 7.30 p.m.
Address: Brady Arts & Community Centre
192-196 Hanbury St
E1 5HU
United Kingdom
Admission: £10
Contact: 07980955413 or

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