‘Ogo Dukho Shukhero Shaathi’- A Friend for Life
‘Ogo Dukho Shukhero Shaathi’- A Friend for Life

Exploring the way in which Rabindranath Tagore has influenced an artist’s life. This evening was led by Bisakha Sarker and Rishi Banerjee where they performed pieces from Gitanjali and Chandalika. The evening witnessed a new production to London- a dramatised performance of the poem ‘Pujarini.’ The evening was hosted by Akademi at Nehru Centre, London.

Vocalists: Sahana Bajpaie, Rishi Banerjee, Tanusree Guha & Sujoya Ray
Dance: Kali Chandrasegaram, Senjuti Das, Bisakha Sarker & Koel Ghosh
Music: Sajib Chowdhury & Rathin Banerjee
Choreography: Bisakha Sarker
Music Direction: Rishi Banerjee